Turkmenistan has “closed its eyes and ears” to readers

In Turkmenistan, the authorities have blocked access to all local news sites that were previously opened outside the country. From now on, citizens of Europe, Asia, and foreigners will not be able to visit print media either using computer devices or mobile phones. Thus, the dictatorial regime of Berdymukhamedov is trying to close the eyes and ears of everyone interested in the life of Turkmenistan or those who left the country, not wanting to live in total “isolation”.

It is noteworthy that those in power in Turkmenistan take offense at criticism and avoid it in every possible way. But they do it quietly, by blocking the means of communication. For example, over the past few years, the authorities of Turkmenistan have carried out an information purge, namely, social networks have been blocked, access to a variety of messengers, App Store functions for downloading programs and music, Microsoft Store has been blocked, and Windows has been closed to receive software updates.

Earlier it was reported in the media that Turkmenistan regularly occupies the last place in the world rankings in terms of speed and freedom of access to the Internet. That is, at a time when the free and progressive world feels the benefits and convenience of an assortment of information sources, can analyze it, and transmit it without leaving home, Turkmenistan puts a lock on all platforms where the truth sounds. Thus making Internet communication a useless function, driving its citizens into the Middle Ages…