Helping the needy: school workers in Turkmenbashi extort money from school staff for new portraits of the president

In Turkmenistan, the Berdymukhamedov regime has voluntarily and compulsorily decided to update the portraits of the incumbent president of the country. But not at their own expense! To implement the innovation, Turkmenbashi schools have again decided to collect money from budgetary employees. This was reported by Radio Azatlyk.

According to their information, additional expenditures of budgetary employees are not limited to portraits alone, recently they have extorted money for the Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Charity Fund, cotton harvesting season, tree planting, and construction of a mosque in the town of Hazar. Otherwise, they will be fired from their jobs.

The amount of non-charitable levy is now 250 manats per person, which is significantly more than previously extorted. According to one of the teachers, who wishes to remain anonymous, the teaching staff along with other education workers are forced to make material contributions to cover state expenses. Among other things, even school repairs and other expenses are compulsory. For example, in several schools in Turkmenbashi, the entire staff of the institution together with high school students were forced to “throw down” to repair the heating system, which happens there regularly.

There are also schools with advanced study of foreign languages in the city, and teachers there have more opportunities to take bribes. As a result, 200-300 manat is not as tangible for them as it is for those who work from bell to bell only for a “clean” salary.

In Turkmenistan, residents have long noticed that after the country’s independence, the standard of living and quality of life began to deteriorate and the amount of bribes increased. It is tacitly believed that high-ranking officials are behind such extortions and that someone benefits from such a “financial pyramid”. But this is just an assumption based on an unproven basis.