Where there is no truth, there is no goodness

Turkmenistan “expressed readiness to study the experts’ proposals for further publication of the census results by international norms and principles,” Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan Vep Hadjiev said during a meeting with the head of the Demographic Statistics Department of the UN Statistical Office Srdjan Mrkich, who arrived in Ashgabat at the head of a delegation of UN experts on a working visit. https://telegra.ph/Turkmenistan-opublikuet-rezultaty-perepisi-soglasno-mezhdunarodnym-normam-12-20

Not to publish, but just to “study the proposals… by publication”… The Turkmen authorities have not made any promises to publish the results. So far, everything seems to be following the track of the 2012 census, the results of which have not been published. And the meeting of the UN high guest was held with a person who is not in any way responsible either for conducting the census or for publishing its results — with the Minister of Foreign Affairs …

The highest UN experts on demographic statistics come to Turkmenistan time after time, concerned about the calculations of the country’s population. To help conduct a population census according to international standards. And time after time they are met by the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and promise nothing, neither on the procedure for conducting the census nor on the publication of its results.

How much can you lie about the population of the country? The truth will come out anyway. And the longer and harder the authorities hide these figures, the clearer it becomes that something is wrong with them.