What is the policy of neutrality and how to implement it Statement of the political movement “Democratic Choice of Turkmenistan”

The political movement “Democratic Choice of Turkmenistan” congratulates the citizens of the country on the day of neutrality.

The policy of neutrality is a response to the aspirations of our people, who want to work peacefully and calmly for the benefit of the family and the country. But does the current government always understand it correctly?

Is the mass expulsion of people from Ashgabat before the holiday neutral? Is the demonstrative withdrawal of Turkmen officials from the UN during the speech of the representative of Ukraine neutrality? Is friendship exclusively with authoritarian regimes and distancing oneself from democratic ones neutrality? Is a weak and amorphous army based on universal military service neutrality? Is self—isolation, the closure of the country from foreigners – its neutrality? Is strict dependence on gas supplies on Russia or China neutrality?

Neutrality is not just the absence of aggressive plans against neighbors due to the weakness of their army. Neutrality is not a passive, but an active policy aimed at the peaceful solution of the international tasks facing the country in the interests of the citizens of the country.

Neutrality is not about avoiding international contact. On the contrary, their active development, builds balanced mutually beneficial relations with neighbors, with different regions and countries, and with international organizations. Complemented by openness within the country, the involvement of foreign citizens and companies in solving the problems facing the country.

Neutrality is not a cowardly “sitting in ambush” in the hope that you will not be noticed. Neutrality is not a weakness, but a strength, it should be based on a highly professional, but small army capable of quickly and effectively eliminating any threats to the country, if they arise, and not involved in solving internal problems. And therefore enjoying the well-deserved respect and trust of citizens.

This is the kind of neutrality we stand for, this is the kind of policy we support and will pursue when we come to power.