We, the democratic opposition of Turkmenistan, are organizing a rally in Washington in front of the Turkmen Embassy

Dear friends!

On May 9 at 11:00 a group of activists from Turkmenistan plans to hold a rally in front of the Turkmenistan Embassy in Washington (address: 2207 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington DC 20008).

Our goal is to express solidarity with civil activists in Turkmenistan – true patriots of their country – who are currently serving undeserved prison sentences on trumped-up charges. These activists suffered for freedom of speech, for protecting their rights, for their opinions. For example, Mansur Mingelov received 22 years in prison for complaining about torture in law enforcement agencies. He was made disabled. Nurgeldy Khalykov – four years for cooperation with independent publications, and Murat Dushemov – four years for doubting that there is supposedly no coronavirus in Turkmenistan.

And these are just some examples. The police of Turkmenistan can torture a person to death without trial or investigation. This happened with Allamurat Khudayramov. The 34-year-old guy appeared on his own feet for questioning, and three days later his family was returned to his body, which had no living space on it. The prosecutor’s office officially stated that the man inflicted fatal injuries on himself.

We want to demand from the authorities of Turkmenistan the release of all illegally convicted civil activists and an end to arbitrariness against their relatives! We want to demand an objective investigation into the death of Allamurat Khudayramov, as well as Suleiman Tursunbaev, a 14-year-old athlete who was killed by peers from an influential family, and the school stated that the guy died from blood loss after a tooth was removed.

We ask all our compatriots in the United States to take part in the rally, and activists from neighboring countries living in Washington or the surrounding area to support us and express solidarity with the citizens of Turkmenistan!

Contact phone (WhatsApp, Telegram): +1 (646) 400 3359