Turkmenistan held a meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the CIS countries: what was discussed

In the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, on May 24, 2024, a meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the CIS countries was held. The event brought together representatives of all participating countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan and others. This was reported on the portal of the CIS Executive Committee.

The main topics of discussion included economic cooperation, security issues, logistics and the creation of an independent payment system.

One of the central issues of discussion was the development of economic cooperation between countries. The leaders of the countries discussed measures to improve transport infrastructure and eliminate logistics barriers. Joint projects were proposed to develop transport corridors, which should help increase trade turnover and strengthen economic ties in the region.

The meeting also discussed measures to ensure the safety of nuclear storage facilities and facilities. The countries agreed on a plan to strengthen controls and information sharing to prevent nuclear incidents. It was proposed to conduct joint exercises and develop new security protocols to protect nuclear facilities.
Let us recall that Russia is also a member of the Council, but given that recently the aggressor country has repeatedly deceived society and announced the possibility of using nuclear weapons, all this causes serious concern in the international arena. Threats escalate tensions and undermine global security. The international community, including the UN, NATO and the EU, condemns such statements, calling for restraint and dialogue. Russian aggressive rhetoric not only destabilizes the regional situation, but also reduces trust in the country as a responsible international partner, contributing to its international isolation. Therefore, it remains surprising that countries in Central Asia discuss the “nuclear issue” with representatives of Russia and trust them even to the smallest extent.

At the meeting, one of the key issues was the creation of an independent payment system for the CIS countries. The possibilities of integrating national payment systems and developing a unified platform for the exchange of financial data were discussed. The goal is to reduce dependence on international financial institutions and ensure stability of financial transactions within the region.

As a result, the meeting ended with the signing of a number of joint declarations and agreements aimed at strengthening cooperation between the countries. The leaders expressed their readiness to implement their plans and emphasized the importance of further cooperation for the stability and development of the region. The next meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the CIS is scheduled for November 7–8, 2024 in the Russian Federation to assess the progress made and identify new areas for joint work.

It is also worth adding that at the meeting it was decided to declare Ashgabat the City of New Sports Opportunities of the Commonwealth. The Council for Physical Culture and Sports has been instructed to develop a corresponding draft Action Plan for 2024–2025. However, if you go further than the capital, the opportunities for sports end there. After all, the country has an acute shortage of modern sports facilities and equipment, which significantly limits the opportunities for young people to play sports. Limited government investment and insufficient funding for sports programs have a negative impact on the development of sports. Moreover, low salaries and working conditions lead to an outflow of qualified trainers and specialists abroad.
In Turkmenistan, sports are often inaccessible to large sections of the population, especially in rural areas. And where sport is available, there is a strong influence of politics on sport, which clearly hinders the development of independent sports organizations and initiatives.