Turkmenistan: first data on the population census — it failed

A continuous census of the population and housing stock took place in the country on December 17-27. Turkmen. news reports that none of its sources have seen the scribes.

According to the press and eyewitness accounts, unprepared state employees were involved in the census in several regions, many of whom simply called apartments. The company informing the population about the census was a failure, people were afraid of questions about the area of housing and people living in it, fearing that the state would take away “extra meters”. All housing data was entered into the census takers’ tablets in advance — according to information from the house administrations. Then why was the census needed?

Alas, according to the first data, the population census occurred according to the worst of the scenarios: lies appeared already at the stage of collecting initial information.

This means that even for themselves (classified as “secret”), the Turkmen authorities will not receive reliable data on the population and its housing security. Not to mention the fact that they did not give a clear promise to publish the results of the census. Recall that the results of the last census of 2012 have not been published so far.

No one will ever know how many people live in the country. Existing estimates vary from 2.7 to 6.7 million people.

Such is the “Cohesion. Happiness. A bright future” (the motto of the census).