Turkmenistan continues to tighten restrictions on issuing driver’s licenses to women

On June 4, 2024, it became known that the authorities of Turkmenistan continue to tighten restrictions on issuing driver’s licenses to women. The new measures make it much more difficult for women to obtain a license and call into question their ability to participate in road traffic on an equal basis with men. Radio Azatlyk correspondents reported this.

According to the latest data, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan has introduced additional requirements for women wishing to obtain a driver’s license. The new rules include increased medical requirements, additional exams, and so on.

Turkmen authorities have decided that women are now required to undergo stricter medical examinations, including mandatory screening for chronic diseases and psychological testing. In addition, in addition to standard theoretical and practical exams, women must take additional tests that test their knowledge of traffic rules and driving skills in difficult conditions. Interestingly, the process of obtaining a driver’s license for women has been significantly lengthened. On average, completing documents and going through all stages takes from six months to one year, which is several times longer than for men.

It is noteworthy that the tightening of measures against issuing driver’s licenses to women is associated with conservative views on the role of women in society. The authorities motivate their actions by concern for road safety and supposedly increased requirements for the health and skills of drivers. But society does not agree with such views of the country’s authorities. The measures taken have already caused a wide public outcry. Many women and human rights organizations have expressed their dissatisfaction with the innovations, arguing that they are discriminatory and violate equality. Representatives of international organizations also spoke out against these restrictions, calling on the Turkmen authorities to reconsider their decisions.

Human rights experts say tightening restrictions on women’s driver’s licenses is part of a broader policy of oppression against women in Turkmenistan. They note that these measures are aimed at restricting women’s freedom of movement and autonomy, which is contrary to international standards and the country’s obligations.

At the same time, the international community is closely monitoring the development of the situation in Turkmenistan. Organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have already issued statements condemning the discriminatory measures. They call on the Turkmen authorities to repeal the new rules and ensure equal rights for all citizens, regardless of their gender.
But Turkmen officials, in turn, deny the existence of discrimination against women and claim that gender equality guaranteed by law in the country is fully respected.

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