Turkmenistan authorities again collect money from budgetary employees for New Year decorations

In Turkmenistan, budgetary employees are again forced to hand over money to prepare for the New Year holiday. On the eve of the holiday, the country’s cities traditionally decorate streets, and Christmas trees are set up in front of office buildings. However, there is little fun for workers of Turkmenabat enterprises, as people are forced to allocate personal funds to buy decorations. This was reported by Radio Azatlyk.

According to their information, the mayor of Turkmenabat instructed to install a large Christmas tree in front of each office and enterprise. And despite the day off, on 3 December, workers could be seen decorating Christmas trees in front of all institutions. Budgetary employees are involved in the preparations, from whom they collect money for expenses: about 50 manats per person. Namely, to buy decorations and rent a crane. The average price of lifting equipment reaches 1000 manat per day. As a result, people also spend at least three working days preparing for the holiday: they start at 9 a.m. and finish at 17:00.

Since the beginning of December, Turkmenabat has decorated Christmas trees in front of dozens of enterprises located on Bitarap Turkmenistan Street, as well as in parks. In addition, budgetary employees are also attracted to decorating coniferous trees growing in the streets of the city with a length of 5 kilometers. The road starts in the north of Turkmenabad and leads to the main Christmas tree near the White Yurt. Decorating these trees is the responsibility of teachers and educators.

The main Christmas tree of Turkmenabad is located in front of the White Yurt. The main New Year celebrations and masses will be held there, which will be filmed for broadcasting on Turkmen TV. Budgetary employees will be forced to participate in all these events even on New Year’s Eve, instead of celebrating 1 January with their loved ones at home. At the same time, as Radio Azatlyk reported, only specially selected participants will be able to attend the organized celebrations at the main Christmas tree.

In previous years, citizens and children were not allowed to approach the decorated main Christmas trees from 31 December to 1 January. The area is guarded from the public by the police. And the funny thing is that despite financing the festive atmosphere, the authorities impose restrictions on people, for example, forbidding them to celebrate the New Year in cafes and restaurants.