Turkmen are paid tens of thousands of dollars for the “sale” of children in Ashgabat: how and why?

In Turkmenistan, the practice continues when parents pay tens of thousands of dollars for the registration of their children in the capital – Ashgabat. The desire to get the most important registration is connected with the best opportunities for education and future career of children. However, local residents do not always get what they strive for, and for big money they get into trouble and make enemies.

One of the examples is the case of Kasim Kudzhikov, who negotiated the adoption of his son with an Ashgabat family through intermediaries and “sold”, in fact, a puppy for 15 thousand dollars. However, it later turned out that the costs had increased significantly. In total, about 45 thousand dollars were spent on documents and bribes. The process of transferring the child included changing the surname and place of birth in the documents, which made the adoption legally legal.

According to Turkmen.news, transferring a child to another family in Turkmenistan is quite simple. Kudzhikova’s ex-wife wrote a receipt saying that she refuses her son and does not object to his adoption by her wife G.O. After that, the boy was given a new certificate of birth, changing not only his surname, but even the place of birth.

However, the boy did not manage to get used to the new family, and conflicts arose. As a result, after several months of residence, the court annulled the adoption, and the child returned to his biological mother. In fact, the Kudzhikov family was unable to sue the money spent, as the whole scheme was completely illegal, and no one is responding to anyone.

Such a situation highlights the serious social and bureaucratic problems that the residents of Turkmenistan face all the time in an effort to provide their children with a better future in the capital.


Why Turkmen want to get a capital registration?

The desire to get a residence permit in Ashgabat is explained by a number of social, economic and educational factors that make life in the capital much more attractive than in other regions of the country.

One of the main reasons why parents strive to enroll their children in Ashgabat is access to quality education. The best schools, lyceums and universities are concentrated in the capital, where teaching is conducted at a high level, often with the use of modern methods and technologies. Ashgabat educational institutions also offer more extracurricular activities, such as English courses, sports clubs and art clubs.

In addition, economic opportunities in Ashgabat significantly exceed those available in other parts of Turkmenistan. The main offices of national and international companies, banks and state institutions are located in the capital. This creates more jobs and career opportunities. Also, the salary level is higher in Ashgabat, which attracts young specialists and entrepreneurs.

In addition, Ashgabat offers the best housing conditions and infrastructure. There are many modern residential complexes in the capital, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. There is also a developed infrastructure: convenient transport links, high-level medical facilities, numerous shopping centers and entertainment facilities. All this makes life in Ashgabat more comfortable and safer.

Another important point is the important social significance. People living in Ashgabat are often perceived as more successful and well-off. It contributes to the strengthening of social status and can play a key role in the formation of personal and professional ties. Having a capital residence permit can improve your chances of getting a prestigious job or access to certain social benefits.

The process of obtaining a capital residence permit in Turkmenistan is relatively simple, if the family has financial opportunities. Parents can easily agree on the transfer of the child to another family, get the necessary documents and even change the child’s surname and place of birth. All this makes the process more affordable for those who are ready to invest significant funds to ensure the future of their children.