In Turkmenistan, there is a shortage of cash in ATMs, and cashless payments are almost impossible

In the Balkan region and then in Ashgabat there was a shortage of cash in ATMs. The population was unable to cash salaries, pensions, and allowances from their bank cards. This was reported by Radio Azatlyk.

People wishing to withdraw money from their cards have lined up in queues in front of every ATM. One can see 30-40 people in the capital. But only 2/3 of those wishing to withdraw money have enough cash.

The deficit of cash in ATMs appeared in early December, at the moment when the population started to pay salaries, pensions, and allowances. On the threshold of the New Year holidays, people try to have time to buy food at reduced prices. After all, not having confidence in the future, citizens are concerned about rising prices and another shortage of cash in ATMs.

For many residents of open civilized countries, the thirst for withdrawal of funds from a bank card may seem strange. The fact is that in Turkmenistan it is rarely possible to pay by cashless method. Mostly everywhere is cash payment, as in most shopping centers payment terminals do not work or are absent.

Traditionally, there are no comments on the lack of money in ATMs from the authorities of Ashgabat and other regions. One logical question arises: why introduce “digital financial technologies” for the population if it is impossible to use all the benefits of cashless payments?