The third detained activist has been released in Istanbul!

In Istanbul, the third detained activist was released; Farkhat Meymankuliyev (Durdyev) is still in police custody.

In Turkey, on Friday May 26, 2023, the third civil activist out of four previously detained was released. As of now, Farhad Meymankuliyev (Durdyev), who was detained by the police of Istanbul (Turkey) on May 19, 2023 at approximately 21:00 (Istanbul time), is still in the police station. Let us remind you that that evening law enforcement officers broke into the apartment in which the owners of the apartments were: Gyzlargul Muradova, her husband, Farhad, and his friend. All four were taken to the police station located on Vatan Street. However, after clarifying the circumstances and confirming his identity, Farhad’s friend and the owner of the apartment were released.