The newcomers are taken to the Arkada назад квартиры: the order of the new mayor of the “smart city”

In Arkady, the residents of the provinces, who bought housing in this city with a mortgage, are taking real estate. This is the beginning of the change of the leadership of the city. This was reported by Radio Azatlyk source.
According to the residents of other provinces, people who did not have registration in the city of Arkadag, but who bought that house under the terms of a 30-year mortgage, are now obliged to return the property and leave the city. And the paid money is not returned.

As it turned out, the previous governor of the city of Arkadag, Shamukhammet Durdyliyev, resigned on May 6 due to health reasons, and Gulshat Mammedovu, the former chairman of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, was appointed in his place. And it turns out that when the city was led by a man, the residents of the provinces, who did not have a residence permit in Ashgabat, could buy a house on the terms of a 30-year mortgage with an additional payment of 10% of the real estate value. With the change of power, the policy towards the people has changed: they take away the purchased real estate without returning the money spent, and expel them to their regions.

Corruption in Turkmenistan, in fact, has long acquired a traditional character and a large scale. So, for example, people from Lebap and Mary provinces managed to buy real estate by paying a bribe to the former governor Shamukhammet Durdyliyev through intermediaries. The takuyu “sacrifice” is called a “pie”. That is, after the person paid 10% of the total cost of the house, it was necessary to give Durdyliyev another 20-40 thousand manat bribe through intermediaries.
According to Radio Azatlyk, Shamukhammet Durdyliyev was appointed as the first governor of the city of Arkadag, which was founded on April 28, 2022. He controlled the construction sector, which was the most expensive sector of the economy.

Before the appointment of the mayor of the city, Arkadag Gulshat Mammedova held the position of the head of the General Department of the city administration. In 2018-2023, he held the post of chairman of the parliament of Turkmenistan.
We remind you that at the end of April, the residents of Bezmeinskogo district, whose old houses were subject to mandatory demolition, were offered to buy new housing in Arkadag under the conditions of a preferential mortgage. People have been given a week’s time to evict and remove things. Later, after receiving the keys to the old house, people found out that there are no water pipes and sewage pipes in their houses, and the quality of the house is much better.