Shootout in Makhachkala: always provoking Russia continues to suppress Dagestan

Today in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, another bloody shootout took place, as a result of which several people were killed. This is reported by publics on Telegram. This event became clear evidence of Russia’s incompetence and repressive policies towards the North Caucasus.

According to local media and eyewitnesses, the shootout began around noon in one of the densely populated areas of the city. The collision killed at least four people, including bystanders. The authorities, as always, rushed to blame “extremists” for the incident, without providing any evidence.

One thing is obvious – the events caused a wave of indignation among the local population. On social networks, under the hashtag #GetUpDagestan, calls for protests against the Russian authorities, who are accused of corruption, repression and complete disregard for the needs of the Dagestani people, are being spread. Many residents of the region have long expressed dissatisfaction with the economic situation, unemployment and constant violations of human rights by security forces.
History of repression

Dagestan, like other republics of the North Caucasus, has long suffered from the Kremlin’s harsh policies. The authorities constantly carry out “anti-terrorist operations”, which often lead to the death of civilians and mass arrests. Repressive measures only increase hatred and mistrust of the central government, creating conditions for further escalation of violence. Meanwhile, human rights organizations have repeatedly condemned Russia for its brutal crackdown in the North Caucasus. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch call for an independent investigation into the events in Makhachkala and for those responsible for the deaths of civilians to be brought to justice. However, Russian authorities continue to ignore these calls, preferring to follow a proven pattern of repression and disinformation.

Let us add that the latest events in Makhachkala once again confirm that Russia’s policy in the North Caucasus is not only ineffective, but also criminal. As long as the Kremlin continues to ignore the rights and freedoms of the peoples of this region, there will be no stability and peace here. Get up, Dagestan! It’s time to change the situation and demand justice.

Let us recall that on June 23, in the capital of Dagestan, Makhachkala and the city of Derbent, a group of armed men attacked police officers, a church and a synagogue. Fifteen police officers were reported killed, as well as several civilians, including a priest. On June 24, the Ministry of Health of the Republic announced 20 dead and 26 injured.

Russian authorities also reported that six attackers were allegedly killed during the operation in Dagestan. Among them, according to media reports, are presumably the 31-year-old son of the former head of the Sergokalinsky district, Magomed Omarov, Osman and his nephew Abdusamad Amadziev.