Residents of Dashoguz had their roads blocked due to the opening of energy facilities with the participation of the President

On June 5, the grand opening of new electric power facilities took place in Dashoguz with the participation of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. The event prompted temporary traffic restrictions in the city, which attracted significant attention from both local residents and national media. Radio Azatlyk correspondents reported this.

It is reported that the country’s President Serdar Berdimuhamedov personally attended the opening ceremony of new electrical power infrastructure facilities, which play a key role in providing the region with a stable and reliable power supply. The new energy facilities include modernized power plants and substations, as well as updated power lines, which will significantly improve the region’s energy security and support its economic development.

Meanwhile, in connection with the president’s visit and the opening of new energy facilities in Dashoguz, temporary restrictions on traffic were introduced. These measures are aimed at ensuring the safety of dignitaries and ceremony participants, as well as preventing possible incidents. The restrictions affected both the central streets of the city and surrounding areas, which caused temporary inconvenience for citizens and guests of the city.

Local residents perceived the imposed restrictions differently. Many supported the measures, understanding their importance for ensuring the safety of the event. However, there were also critical reviews related to the inconvenience for the daily life of citizens. Some residents expressed dissatisfaction with limited access to important city facilities and the need to change their usual travel routes.

In general, it is important to note that the opening of new electric power facilities is an important step in the development of the energy infrastructure of Turkmenistan. These projects are aimed at improving the reliability of electricity supply in Dashoguz and neighboring areas, which in turn contributes to sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life for the population. In addition, President Berdimuhamedov also emphasized the importance of modernizing energy infrastructure to maintain the country’s long-term energy security.

Are there any prospects for development?

According to official data, the Turkmen authorities plan to continue investing in the development of energy infrastructure, which will create new jobs and improve the economic performance of the region. It is expected that the commissioning of new energy facilities will become an incentive to attract investment and develop other sectors of the economy.

Meanwhile, despite the development of energy facilities in Turkmenistan, residents continue to experience serious problems with electricity supply due to the lack of proper development and normal modernization of the energy infrastructure. Frequent power failures have become an everyday reality for many citizens, causing significant inconvenience and negatively affecting the quality of life. Old and worn-out networks cannot cope with current loads, which leads to frequent power outages. In some regions, interruptions have become regular, causing outrage and discontent among the population. The lack of a stable power supply has a negative impact on the work of enterprises, educational institutions and medical organizations.

For this reason, residents of Turkmenistan are forced to adapt to conditions of constant interruptions. Many families stock up on generators and other alternative energy sources, which leads to additional expenses. Electricity problems also impede access to the Internet and other modern communications, limiting opportunities for work and education.

Experts point to the need for significant and global investments in modernizing the country’s energy infrastructure. But the authorities of Turkmenistan have not yet taken sufficient measures to solve this problem, which causes criticism from the public and international observers. They urge the authorities of Turkmenistan to pay attention to the problem and take measures to improve the state of the energy system, increase funding for grid modernization and use advanced technologies to ensure a stable and reliable electricity supply. Otherwise, the population will continue to suffer and will be on the brink of survival.