Pharmacies in Mary velayat sell expired medicines

A scandal erupted in the Mary velayat of Turkmenistan after expired medications were discovered in pharmacies. This incident caused serious concern among local residents and attracted the attention of the public and authorities. Radio Azatlyk correspondents reported this.

It is reported that expired medications were found in several pharmacies in Mary velayat. An audit carried out by independent activists and journalists showed that on the shelves of pharmacies there are various types of medicines that have long expired. Among them were vital drugs such as antibiotics, painkillers and drugs for the cardiovascular system.

Local residents expressed outrage and alarm at the current situation. Many of them fear for their health and the health of their loved ones, since the use of expired medications can lead to serious consequences, including deterioration of the condition or complications. How it happened, for example, with a resident of the Karakum etrap. The woman said that she recently bought medications for a sick child at a local pharmacy, but found out that they were expired after the child was given injections. Since after this the child’s temperature rose to almost 40 degrees. The doctors did not immediately think about the medicine, but then it turned out that the medicine had expired three months ago. Now residents are demanding immediate intervention from the authorities and conducting thorough inspections of all pharmacies in the region.

But whether the authorities will strengthen control over the quality of medicines supplied to pharmacies is not yet clear. It would be great if the relevant authorities regularly carried out inspections and introduced a system for tracking the expiration dates of medicines. It would also be right to increase the responsibility of pharmacy owners and pharmacists for the sale of expired medicines, including the introduction of strict fines and other sanctions.

In general, the situation with the sale of expired medicines in pharmacies in Mary velayat emphasizes the need for strict control over the quality of medicines and responsibility on the part of pharmacists and pharmacy owners. The authorities and the public must join forces to prevent similar incidents in the future and ensure the safety and health of citizens. But at the moment nothing is happening and independent media journalists from the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry have not been able to get a comment on the current situation.