Murad Kurbanov in New York in an interview with EuTalk: “We warmly support the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people”

“The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian invasion gives our Central Asian peoples a huge chance.

Ukraine’s victory will undoubtedly lead to a significant weakening, if not elimination, of Putin’s regime in Russia, which will hit the authoritarian regimes of Central Asian countries hard. But even the totalitarian rulers of these countries should understand that if Putin wins in Ukraine, they are next in line for Putin’s military operations and that is the only reason why they should not contribute to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in any way. There is no good way out for them, and therefore they are intensifying repression against their people.

We, the democratic opposition of the Central Asian countries, warmly support the struggle of the Ukrainian people and the efforts of the leading countries of the world to deter Russian aggression. And we hope that Russia’s military defeat will also contribute to our struggle for democracy and human rights in Central Asia.