Murad Kurbanov addressed the citizens of Turkmenistan and congratulated all his fellow countrymen on the New Year 2024

Murad Kurbanov, leader of the opposition democratic movement “DEMOCRATIC SELECTION OF TURKMENISTAN”, addressed the citizens of Turkmenistan and congratulated all his fellow countrymen on the New Year 2024.

In his video message, the popularly elected president warned citizens that the next year will be rich in the introduction of new plans, which will eventually lead the country step by step to a complete reset. Murad Kurbanov voiced that he sees Turkmenistan exclusively in the power of the people and a country in which there will be no place for dictatorial tyranny. Instead, the state will become free, and independent and enjoy good fame all over the world.

Full text of Murad Kurbanov:

Dear Turkmenistanis!

Reliability, stability, and prosperity are the guarantee of our future! May the coming year be full of new plans, creative ideas, good news, and financial successes! I sincerely and from the bottom of my heart congratulate you, dear countrymen, on the coming year 2024.

The New Year is everyone’s favorite and expected holiday of magic. It brings hope for the best and great changes. Undoubtedly, the passing year brought us many joyful events, but unfortunately, there were also disappointments. But despite everything, we should not forget that whatever happened in the old year – is behind us, and the New Year is a good occasion and an opportunity to start from scratch.

Therefore, I hope that everything will be reset and from the 1st of January, you will be accompanied by exceptionally beautiful and joyful events!

Over the past 3 years together with you we have come a long way, we have realized that our bright future depends only on ourselves and that we are the creators of our destinies. We have changed ourselves! And we have realized that there should be no place for dictatorial tyranny in our world, but instead – freedom and independence!

I sincerely hope that our people will soon be free from the ruthless hand of authoritarian leaders and will finally be able to live freely in peace and harmony like other civilized nations. Free to express their opinions, free to assemble and move freely, free to access and share information.

I am full of confidence that shortly we all together will build a completely new and truly independent Turkmenistan without dictatorship. Where the power will be elected by the people and this power will serve this people. Our generations should be proud of the reforms that we will make today! So that every Turkmenistani, without the need to go abroad, can realize himself inside the country and thus fill the resource-rich Turkmenistan with benefits! It is destined to become an open, free, fair, and independent state, which will be respected and honored all over the world! We do not have much left to go to the set goal.

We see this goal, believe in ourselves, and do not see any obstacles!

With hope and faith in a bright future – let success be your faithful companion on any path!

Stay in peace, patience, and harmony! May every home be filled with magic, love, and family prosperity!

Happy New Year 2024, friends!