Message from Murad Kurbanov

Dear Turkmen citizens!

       My name is Murad Kurbanov, I am an opposition politician, one of the founders and leader of the political movement “Democratic Choice of Turkmenistan” [DVT]. As you know, on 12.02.2022, the illegitimate president, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, committed another act of usurpation of power and handed over the post of president to his son Serdar Berdimuhamedov. Our common Home is Turkmenistan, which has been in the hands of tyrants and greedy thieves for more than 30 years. I set myself the goal of liberating our House from a gang of usurpers. I started my journey by uniting caring, brave, and responsible citizens of Turkmenistan who are ready to fight for the Freedom and Independence of our Motherland. So the DVT Movement arose. My colleagues and I have passed a long and difficult path of trials, hardships, and victories. We have managed to gain trust and authority among civil and political activists, and leaders of Turkmenistan. Together we decided to resist the illegal, aggressive elections in Turkmenistan through our methods. We have united and decided to hold alternative presidential elections with the participation of all registered candidates from the government and the opposition on an independent Internet platform. The Coalition of Civil Forces of Turkmenistan entrusted me with the honor of becoming a single candidate from the opposition forces. We managed to involve about 500,000 participants in these elections, and each vote was verified on a secure Internet platform. Our colleagues from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine acted as observers.
       I easily became the leader of the race, and I understand that the Turkmen people gave me their votes because they were tired of the irremovable and insane, authoritarian government that occupied our common Home – Turkmenistan. Thus, I was entrusted with the right to be called the people’s elected President of Turkmenistan.
I highly appreciate your trust, dear compatriots, but we struggle to achieve the main goal – to build a democratic, prosperous, independent State of Free Citizens.
        And I appeal to my compatriots in Turkmenistan and beyond – it’s time to unite the efforts of all those who care about the fate of our country, our children and grandchildren, and our future!
I intend to act decisively and quickly. I need your support and participation. I promise that we will go to the end, and Turkmenistan will become Free – it will be a country of great opportunities for every citizen.
       I, Murad Kurbanov, and my colleagues in the political struggle intend to unite the forces of the entire people of Turkmenistan in 2023 and take to the squares of all our cities together to demand fair, democratic elections already inside the country.
       Together we are a force, together we can rid our House of thieves, tyrants, and criminals in power!
Dear Turkmen citizens, unite with us, be bold and resolute – Turkmenistan will be Free in 2023!