Kyiv named suspects in the assassination attempt on journalist Aidos Sadykov

The investigation into the assassination attempt on Kazakh opposition journalist Aidos Sadykov, which occurred on June 18, 2024, continues in Kyiv. Sadykov, known for his criticism of the Kazakh authorities, was in a car with his wife not far from their home that day when an unknown person approached them and opened fire. The journalist was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery. Currently, his condition remains serious. Radio Azatlyk reported this.

According to their information, the National Police of Ukraine named two suspects in the attempted murder of Aidos Sadykov. According to security officials, these are 33-year-old Meiram Karataev and 36-year-old Altay Zhakanbaev, citizens of Kazakhstan. Ukrainian investigative authorities suggest that they arrived in Kyiv on June 2, lived in rented apartments, conducted surveillance of Sadykov and were preparing to carry out a murder order received from an “unidentified person.”

According to open sources, a man named Meiram Karataev worked as an employee of the Kostanay region police department. He took first place in shooting competitions among employees. Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs said on June 21 that Karataev was fired from internal affairs agencies in January 2019 and is not currently a police officer. In the Getcontact application, it is written with the postscript “special forces”, “sobr”, “captain”, “sniper”.
Altai Zhakanbaev, judging by open sources, founded the real estate company Turan development in Astana in 2017. Later he handed it over to Yuri Zhakanbaev. Data from the Getcontact application indicate that several subscribers saved his number as “Altai Syrbar KNB”, “Altai KNB”, “Altai Syr”.

It is noteworthy that the Sadykov family moved to Ukraine in 2014, receiving refugee status after persecution in Kazakhstan. Aidos Sadykov has been repeatedly subjected to criminal prosecution in his homeland, which he associates with his political activities and criticism of the authorities. Last year, Kazakh authorities put him and his wife Natalya on the wanted list on charges of inciting social discord.

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev commented on the attack, emphasizing the importance of maintaining law and order, and also promised that Kazakh authorities would assist in the investigation of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office began a pre-trial investigation into attempted premeditated murder. Law enforcement officials are actively working to identify the shooter. Natalya Sadykova, Aidos’ wife, was not injured in the attack and is now under police protection.

Let us remind you that the Kazakh opposition journalist Aidos Sadykov is the creator of the YouTube and Telegram channels “Base”. As a result of the attack, he was seriously injured and was hospitalized. In turn, the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev expressed concern about the incident and instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send official requests to Ukraine. Tokayev announced the readiness of the Kazakh authorities to join the investigation. Although at the moment, suspicions of organizing the assassination attempt fall on the Kazakh special services, which adds international resonance to the incident. Last year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan already initiated a search for Aidos and Natalya Sadykov, which, according to many, is part of the ongoing persecution of opposition journalists from Kazakhstan.

And this is not surprising, because opposition activists from Central Asian countries often face fabricated criminal cases and political persecution. Authorities use these methods to silence critics and limit their activities. Examples of such persecution include accusations of inciting social discord, corruption and other crimes that have no basis in fact. The purpose of such actions is to suppress the opposition and completely control public opinion.