Iran registers candidates for presidential elections

Registration of candidates for early presidential elections, which will take place on June 28, 2024, has begun in Iran. This process is taking place against the backdrop of significant political events and tragedies, which adds additional tension and interest to the upcoming elections.

The registration period for candidates will last five days, Radio Farda notes. State news agency IRNA reports that approximately 25 potential candidates have already applied, but all have been rejected.

The attention of the public and international observers is focused not only on the political aspects, but also on the tragic incident associated with one of the key figures in Iranian politics. A few weeks ago, a plane crash killed Ebrahim Raisi, the head of Iran’s judiciary and one of the potential candidates for the presidency. Raisi was known for his tough stance and loyalty to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. His death was a huge blow for the conservative wing of Iranian politics, which will inevitably affect the course of the election campaign.

In general, the registration of candidates, which will last five days, will take place at the Iranian Ministry of Interior. According to the established rules, each candidate must be approved by the Guardian Council, which verifies the candidates’ compliance with constitutional requirements.

Basic conditions for registration include:

• The candidate must be male.
• The candidate must be a Muslim and an Iranian citizen.
• The candidate must have significant political and administrative experience.
• Loyalty to the Islamic Republic and the Supreme Leader must be unimpeachable.
• Political Context

These elections are taking place against the backdrop of severe economic difficulties caused by international sanctions and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. High inflation, unemployment and instability of the national currency will be key issues in the election campaign.

Let us add that the death of Ebrahim Raisi made significant changes in the political landscape. The conservative camp, which was counting on his candidacy, finds itself in a difficult situation, since it now needs to look for a new leader capable of uniting supporters. In turn, moderates and reformers also stepped up their efforts, hoping to seize the moment to attract more voters.

Experts believe that the upcoming elections could lead to significant changes in Iran’s political system. Against the backdrop of economic problems and internal instability, the outcome of the elections will be important not only for Iran, but for the entire region.

The beginning of the registration of presidential candidates in Iran will mark the beginning of a new stage in the political life of the country. In a difficult domestic and international environment, the elections will be an important test for the Iranian political system. Given the tragic death of Raisi and strict requirements for candidates, the upcoming elections promise to be tense and unpredictable.