International olympiads only for the elite?

In June of this year, traditionally Turkmen schoolchildren took part in international competitions in various educational disciplines and won prizes. Everything would be great, but behind this fame lies, as a rule, not an objective selection of the smartest and most talented children, but connections, nepotism, corruption, and complete discrimination in society. After all, if you dig deeper and look at the statistics for the previous years, how did it happen that in the six million-strong country of Central Asia, there were no equally talented students outside of Ashgabat? Is it only in the schools of the capital that children deserve medals and encouragement from the government?

By such actions, the government of Turkmenistan openly demonstrates its favor exclusively to those who have the opportunity to “pay” prizes to their children, accustoming the population to the idea that everything in life has its price and only those who already stand high can be a “celestial”. Further, to continue the child’s education and become a student, parents should also fork out well and deposit a certain amount “at the address”. After all, such actions since school give rise to the tradition that taking bribes is good, buying prizes is prestigious, and worshipping the dictatorial regime of Berdymukhamedov is safe. But what about justice, independence, and high moral qualities…? What should those who are rightfully worthy of recognition and medals do without the slightest chance to declare themselves?