In Turkmenabat, dozens of pensioners and disabled people lost their pensions for May

In Turkmenabat, one of the largest cities in Turkmenistan, dozens of pensioners and disabled people faced serious difficulties: they did not receive their pensions for May. The incident has sparked outrage among victims and their families, who depend on these payments to cover their basic needs. Radio Azatlyk reported this.

Since the beginning of June, many pensioners and disabled people began to report that they had not received their pensions for May. People for whom this money is the main source of income find themselves in an extremely difficult situation. They cannot pay utilities or purchase necessary food and medicine. In some cases, pensioners were forced to borrow money from neighbors and relatives to cope with financial difficulties.
The fact is that every three months people need to document that they are alive. Residents of Lebap express dissatisfaction and say that this requirement is nothing more than torture for the elderly.

There have been no official comments from local authorities regarding the delays in payments. However, a number of social services and government agencies told pensioners that the problem is temporary and pensions will be paid in the near future. The exact timing of the restoration of payments was not indicated, which causes even greater concern among the victims.

In general, there are different assumptions about the reasons for delays in pension payments. Experts identify several possible factors: budget deficit and lack of funds, technical failures in the payment system, bureaucratic delays and ineffective management of financial resources, and so on. Some analysts suggest that the redistribution of budget funds to other needs could lead to a temporary shortage of funds for social payments.

Meanwhile, the news about the delay in pensions caused a wide resonance among the population of Turkmenabat. The causes and consequences of this situation are being actively discussed on social networks and on the streets of the city. Many people express their dissatisfaction and demand that the authorities quickly solve the problem. Some activists have already begun organizing meetings and discussions to collectively appeal to the authorities with a request to understand the situation and ensure timely payment of pensions.
Let us remind you that representatives of local authorities of Turkmenistan do not really like to “take quarrels out of public view” and often force people to remain silent about events within the country and not tell independent media. But how can one remain silent if the citizens of Turkmenistan are suffering from unbearable conditions and this situation emphasizes the importance of stability and reliability of the social protection system. Pensioners and disabled people, who are among the most vulnerable categories of the population, especially need timely support from the state. The authorities must urgently take action to resolve the problem and prevent similar incidents in the future. It is necessary to provide transparent information about the reasons for the delays and restore payments as soon as possible so that citizens can again count on stable social support.