In Lebap, citizens entitled to a deferment are obliged to go to military service despite

In the Lebap velayat of Turkmenistan, alarm is flaring among citizens who have a legal right to a deferment from military service. Local authorities informed these citizens that they would still have to enlist in the military this year, despite their previous deferment rights.

Lebap velayat, located in the east of Turkmenistan, has always been known for its strategic importance for national defense. And in recent years, the country’s military command has been increasing its attention to this region, which is associated with increased geopolitical tensions and the need to strengthen national security.

According to Part 2 of Art. 19 of the Law of Turkmenistan “On Military Duty and Military Service”, a deferment from conscription is granted to citizens “who are constantly caring for their father, mother, wife, brother or sister, grandfather, grandmother, adoptive parent or guardian, if there are no other persons obliged legally support and care for these citizens.” Also, students, workers in important sectors of the economy, as well as persons with medical conditions can apply for a deferment from military service. However, this year the situation has changed. Local authorities reported that the need to strengthen the army requires the conscription of even those who had previously received a deferment. The authorities’ decision caused a wave of concern among the population of Lebap velayat. Many citizens who were counting on a legal right to a deferment are now forced to reconsider their plans and prepare for the prize. Parents and young people express dissatisfaction and concern about the change in conscription policy and cannot even complain to the prosecutor’s office.

Local authorities say the decision to draft all citizens, including those eligible for deferment, is driven by the need to strengthen national defense. Officials say the current international situation requires the country to make additional efforts to ensure security and protect national interests. And experts believe that such a decision could lead to serious social consequences. An increase in the number of conscripts could affect the region’s economy, since many young people eligible for deferment are employed in important sectors of the economy. In addition, the emergence of social tension and discontent among the population may lead to an even greater decrease in trust in the authorities.

We would like to add that the introduction of new rules for conscription into the army in Lebap velayat emphasizes the growing importance of national security issues for Turkmenistan. At the same time, the decision to draft citizens eligible for deferment raises serious questions about the balance between military necessity and the social obligations of the state to its citizens. In the coming months, it will become clear how this decision will affect the region and the country as a whole.