Farhad Meymankuliyev is in the Tuzla deportation camp (Turkey)

As it has already become known, Farhad is being detained based on an application from the Consulate General of Turkmenistan located in Istanbul. Two lawyers are engaged in the release of Farhad Meymankuliyev. Despite the status of international protection of the opposition blogger Farahad Meymankuliyev, he continues to be in the Tuzla deportation camp. All YouTube and TICK TOK channels managed by Farhad Meymankuliyev were blocked, access to these channels is impossible. It is reliably known that a computer and two mobile phones were seized during Farhad’s detention. Investigative proceedings are underway on the application of the consulate. The investigation has not been completed and no decision has been made on the consulate’s application. All materials related to the activities of Farhad Meymankuliyev are submitted to the investigative authorities by Farhad Meymankuliyev. Various kinds of fake information appear in the media that Farhad Meymankuliyev was extradited to Turkmenistan. According to our reliable sources, Farhad Meymankuliyev is in the Tuzla deportation camp (Turkey) and investigative inquiries are being conducted with him.