Cases of aircraft landing gear failure during landing have become more frequent in Turkmenistan

In recent months, several incidents involving aircraft landing gear failures during landing have been recorded in Turkmenistan. These incidents raise serious concerns about the state of aviation security in the country.

According to local sources, there are increasing cases of aircraft landing gear not opening properly during landing, leading to emergency situations on the runway. These incidents come amid reports of poor maintenance and deterioration of Turkmenistan’s aircraft fleet.

The recent incident involving a Turkmenistan Airlines plane has attracted particular attention. When landing at Ashgabat airport, the landing gear did not fully deploy, which forced the pilots to make an emergency landing. Fortunately, none of the passengers or crew were injured, but several people lost consciousness. And a woman who was six months pregnant began bleeding from fright, with which she immediately went to the hospital. This air incident caused a wave of criticism against the country’s civil aviation authority.

Experts note that such incidents may be caused by insufficient attention to regular aircraft maintenance. “The aging of the aviation fleet, the lack of qualified specialists and the lack of modern service standards create serious risks for flight safety,” notes the aviation analyst.

Also, problems in management and coordination between pilots and ground crews can aggravate the situation. In conditions of chassis failure, the coordinated work of all participants in the process is important, however, in Turkmenistan, failures in communication often occur, which can lead to a worsening of the situation.

The aviation security situation in Turkmenistan requires immediate intervention and action. It is necessary to modernize the aircraft fleet, improve maintenance conditions and increase the level of personnel training. This is the only way to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of passengers and crews.

Info: Turkmenistan Airlines is the national airline of Turkmenistan, founded in 1992. It operates domestic and international flights and is the only carrier in the country providing scheduled air services. The fleet consists of modern aircraft, including Boeing 737, Boeing 757 and Boeing 777. The company operates domestic flights serving the main cities of Turkmenistan such as Turkmenbashi, Mary and Dashoguz. It also operates flights to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Main destinations include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Dubai, Beijing and Frankfurt.
The company has recently faced safety problems related to deteriorating aircraft and a lack of qualified personnel. Customer service and aircraft maintenance are under constant criticism due to frequent flight delays and cancellations. Perhaps because the airline is under the control of the Turkmenistan government, the planes are not properly maintained.

We would like to add that alarming trends are growing in Turkmenistan, indicating that the country’s authorities do not pay due attention to the well-being of their citizens. Residents of the country face numerous problems, including everything from food shortages, restrictions on civil liberties and problems in healthcare.

And despite the income from the export of natural resources, the economy of Turkmenistan also suffers from poor management and corruption. Unemployment is high and real incomes continue to decline. Citizens are forced to deal with inflation and the constant rise in prices for goods and services.

All these problems indicate that the government of Turkmenistan is not making enough efforts to improve the lives of its citizens. Urgent reforms or a change of government are needed so that the country can overcome the current crisis and provide its citizens with decent living conditions.