An infestation of bedbugs has been recorded in the capital of Turkmenistan.

Harmful insects attack kindergartens, forcing urgent measures to be taken to eliminate them. Disinfection is used to combat annoying pests, but parents themselves have to finance these measures. Radio Azatlyk correspondents reported this.

According to their information, bedbugs are now found in educational institutions. For the population, bloodthirsty pests have become a real natural disaster: in addition to unpleasant bites, getting rid of bedbugs is quite difficult. The function of exterminating the infectious insect was transferred to the parents’ pockets, which raised many questions about how their funds were spent, where the money was spent, as well as the organization of disinfection measures with toxic agents, which created a threat to the health of children and various inconveniences for their parents.

“Some officials are profiting from this too. In Ashgabat, golden times have come for institutions involved in sanitary treatment and often employees of institutions involved in organizing disinfection measures,” a resident of Ashgabat told Radio Azatlyk.

Cases of mass spread of bedbugs in Turkmenistan appeared at the beginning of summer. In some cases, children were even hospitalized.

Now, in the entrances of residential buildings, in government agencies, at the entrance to kindergartens, schools and various public places you can see posted advertisements offering services for the elimination of bedbugs. But it is worth adding that these insects, along with fleas and other pests, are not a new phenomenon. They have always “lived” in Turkmenistan, just their numbers were not so massive.

Later, reports appeared about the spread of bedbugs in the capital’s hotels and hospitals. Against the backdrop of general unsanitary conditions, bedbugs brought additional suffering to patients.

Meanwhile, representatives of sanitary and epidemiological supervision and capital officials do not comment on the situation with the insect invasion, and do not publicly acknowledge the existence of the problem.

We previously wrote about a measles outbreak in the capital of Turkmenistan. Infected children continued to attend kindergartens, maintaining the risk of spreading the infectious disease among young children. And both in the case of bedbugs and in the case of measles, local officials were little concerned about the situation. Since there were no orders or calls to close establishments and go into quarantine on their part.